Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday, Another day, another dollar

  • Back to the wonderful world of work, where we are all held captive for hours on end....the good news.... A paycheck at the end of the rainbow.
  • Interesting weekend. I can't wait for warmer weather on weekends.
  • I have a lot of yard work to do.
  • You know what monday means to me? FREE DONUTS AT WORK DAY!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I broke my mini-sledgehammer this morning...... I have to barter with my wife when I need new tools.
  • It's FRIGGIN cold outside.
  • My desk at work doubles from desk to workbench instantly. right now i have my computer on one end and a broke-down generator leaking oil on the other end.
  • I like my job, There's good people here now that satan has left.
  • Toyota parts are expensive.....if your gonna buy a new car take vehicle repair into mind. Domestic cars are cheaper to fix.
  • I'm seeing a decline in my tool bill......hooray.
  • More Donuts have just arrived.......Mmmmmm Donuts! Later.

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