Friday, February 27, 2009

5-0 rumor mill

  • So, word on the street and in the rumor mill is that there was a police pursuit (vehicular) recently. The interesting part is that the wise county precinct 1 constable (I think its tom bishop, but not for certain) got involved in the pursuit. Anywho, the suspect wrecked the car and proceeded to run (on foot) and was eventually caught by guess who..... thats right, the constable. As it comes to find out the suspect was a 30 something year old guy. But here is the questionable part: The constable released the 30 something year old to his parents and told the parents that he wouldn't press charges if the parents got the suspect help.
  • I'm no police officer, but if a 30 something year old ran from me then wrecked on someones property, then fled on foot......I would arrest his ass. It seems to me that the constable is wanting to play cop......In my opinion, if you don't know what the hell you're doing, don't act like you do. It's OK to wing it on somethings, but policework isn't one of them. The suspect is a full-blown legal adult. Why are you releasing him to his parents? The dumb-ass is not in high school. It seems as if though a wrong choice was made in our recent county election. but thats just me talking..........

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Humpday hooray

  • How many times do I have to say it? Do Not Touch the DAMN wood!
  • Cupcakes sound good right now.
  • My new job title puts me in 12+ places at the same time, that's a lot of work.
  • Yea!!! More broken toyotas.
  • It's going to be a quiet night at home tonight, The wife is out.
  • I like our current weather, but when I have to do yardwork over the weekend......POW! arctic blast. Damn texas weather.
  • First sherlock holmes dies...... then Michael Jackson, I swear the rapture is coming... No Bullshit.
  • back to work.....bye bye.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday Night

  • We're trying to figure out what to eat for dinner, so far, 30 minutes+ 5 people= no luck with dinner.

  • I want a cookie

  • No, I deserve a cookie.

  • Not a stale cookie.

  • A good cookie.

  • Thats all

I'm Back and the Bitch has left the Building

  • Sorry I know its been a while, but time flies when you're destroying a Stupid Bitch.

  • Did I mention that I finally got Her to Quit. Where's my Hero's parade?

  • Now begins the long process of fixing her long list of screw-ups.

  • I'd C***-Punt that bitch to the moon if I could.

  • Cherry Sours are the best candy known to bullshit.

  • You should check out Anberlin's song "the Feel Good Drag" it kicks ass. I'll try to post the video (if there is one)

  • One of my co-workers is thinking of buying a house on my street. We can do Barbeques and stuff.

  • Work related paperwork blows.

  • So I saw that Ambulance in the Bridgeport cemetery a few weeks ago. Come on guys, as far as the residents of a cemetery are concerned, its a little too late for you to help them. If they are out of their holes in the dirt and walking around, the only medicine is a Shotgun blast to the head. Then politely kick them back in their respective hole.... I SAID POLITELY!!!

  • The world is a brighter place without that bitch around.

  • I remember filing my taxes right out of high school and getting a $4.00 return. Now i think "damn, it cost more than $4.00 to print and mail the stupid check." Our government worries me at times.

  • I'm Hungry

  • I'm going back to work....

    • And now a word from Cobra Commander........CHERIO!

    Wednesday, February 4, 2009


    • By the way, Here is your typical Night shift walmart employee.....notice the Zombie-like characteristics?
    • Okay, I'm really hungry now.

    Just another day in Ass!

    • The Economic crunch is taking its toll on everyone. My company is laying off people left and right. Then, there are a certain few dumb-asses that did not get layed off, they flat got fired for stupid crap like "insubbordination, and abuse and abandonment of company property. I think any halfway intelligent person would know; right now good paying jobs are few and far between. If you have an issue with work....SUCK IT UP, do your job so you can ensure you have a paycheck, there is always the alternative.....Unemployment. Now, nobody likes a Bum now do they?
    • What would you do if Gary Busey raped your mother? The thought really creeps me out.
    • My kid has kept me up since 2 this morning.... I'm really tired.
    • I got yet another destroyed toyota today to deal with...HOORAY! (sarcasm)
    • Anybody know how to put music videos on here? I want to listen to some music.
    • Nip/Tuck is a good show, I suggest you watch it, or rent the previous seasons, FX is in the middle of season 6. Go get it......NOW.
    • Hav any of you ever seen them old "Perry Mason" re-runs that used to come on T.V. at 3 in the morning, I used to not sleep so I bet I can recite every episode of that damn show.
    • I got Donuts this morning.
    • Midnight runs for work are both bothersome and interesting, you never know what you'll come across.
    • The front of my office is beginning to look like a used Toyota dealership.
    • I'm hungry, I'll post later.

    Monday, February 2, 2009

    Mondays Blow

    • In case you were wondering, I believe the clown is the father.
    • I'm really beginning to hate toyotas. You get one fixed and you think you're on top of the world, then 3 more break down. It's like washing a new car, then you get 10 feet from the car wash and, POW! bird shit.
    • I'm playing salvage company/chop shop today.
    • The super bowl kicked ass last night. GO Steelers!
    • On a side note: If I roughed up another person like pittsburg #92 did to the Cardinal in the 4th, I'd go to jail for felonious assault. Anywho, Whoop his ass #92, It's yo house!
    • My kids got me hooked on "super smash Bros" for the nintendo WII. I get wierd urges to just keep playing. Damn, I'm becoming a Loon.
    • My wife growled at me yesterday... I ran in fear for my life.
    • I think my job title may soon change.
    • Have you ever noticed how Night shift walmart employees wander around the store with stikingly similar characteristics of your typical modern-day Zombie?..... Picture to follow on next posting.
    • I hate Zombies.
    • I want donuts.
    • Time to go back to work.......Cherio>