Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yep, A long week indeed

So, a little after 4 monday morning, I finally get my guys back on the road. By then though it was too late to go back to bed. They made it to Pennsylvania, Damn i'm good.
Now sitting here on thursday it seems every vehicle we have is breaking down.
I towed that wrecked truck from last weekend in. It was FUBAR.
Hell yeah, It's porkchop night!!!!!! hooray for porkchops.
I had a car jack fail, The damn truck fell on me. it hurt.
I have had a dark feeling that something bad is going to happen to me. I have had this feeling for about 2 weeks, The one day that I didn't get that feeling; the next day that damn truck fell on me. Now i've got that feeling again. I guess i'll know to stay home when i don't have the feeling anymore.
I'm tired, its home time.
Help control the pet population, have your pet spayed or neutered.......(thanks Bob_)

Monday, March 16, 2009

This is f***ed up, I gotta be at work in 4 hours

So, I get a phone call at 12:15 ths morning, yes, 2 hours ago. I have a Roustabout crew on the way to Pennsylvania, well thay stop at a hole in the wall gas station to fill up. Unfortunately for all parties involved, they fill a DIESEL truck up with 70% ethanol gasoline.... hooray for me.
So I have it arranged for them to get towed to the nearest diesel station, Have them drain the fuel tank, put diesel in said tank, and prime the Chevy Diesel to start..... This is going to be a long damn night. Oh, did I mention that I am in Bridgeport Texas, and they are somewhere close to the Illinois/Indiana border? Yea, Sucks for me, sucks worse for them........ I'll post later and let you know how the saga ends.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A great weekend to a miserable end of week

This last weekend was great, you know, with nice warm sunny weather.......What the HELL happened?!

Its a terrible morning, the rain just sucks, and the cold isn't any better.

I have a damn cold! the sinus drainage is killing me.

I'm working on me another toyota today.

I'm killing zombie priests on resident evil 4 now, out of the evil village and into a damn castle. still addicted..............more zombie killing posts to follow......

One of my co-workers got rear-ended at like 75 mph monday evening on 199 at the salt creek store...... he got cited for not having a drivers liscence. The dumb-ass that hit him, witnesses say: did not even touch his brakes. The driver of the other vehicle was an illegal immigrant with a mexico I.D. no insurance either. The trooper I hear was hispanic as well, and just let the illegal driver go with a few tickets. Why was he not detained and deported? I'm sorry but in our current fianancial crisis, american citizens need any job that they can get. If these immigrants cant drive or keep insurance like the rest of us, they don't need to be driving on our streets without punishment. But thats just my opinion. comment me and let me know what you think.

time to work.......later.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

One more chance thursday

The Jackie Murphree benefit lunch at the First United Methodist Church in Decatur was today at 11am thru 2pm. If you didn't make it today, be sure you go on Thursday at 11am. Jackies family is raising funds to send Jackie to China for stem cell treatment. Jackie was involved in a car accident with a drunk driver that since Aug 17 2007 has left Jackie in a minimally conscious state. Please support Jackie so she can get the treatment she needs to possibly regain what she lost in that accident.
Thanks for all your support and please: pray for Jackie!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

It would piss me off, getting Raped and Murdered for helping people

  • SO, these 2 guys blow a tire right in front of my "establishment for conducting business." Anywho I find one of the rummaging around in the yard. So he finally finds me and asks if he could use a Jack to remove said blown tire. Now he was about one of the shadiest, creepy people i've seen in a good long while, but I said that I could help. So, I get a bottle jack and my cordless impact gun and proceed with said creepy man to his truck.
  • I arrive at the truck and to my suprise (and possible demise) another man comes out of the vehicle.
  • They stand over me as I remove said blown tire from the vehicle. I keep looking over my shoulder to see if either one of them pulls out a gun or knife. I don't feel like getting shanked today.
  • Anywho they take the rim and a friend picks them up and escorts them into town to get a new tire.
  • When they return I go out there and re-install their new tire. They thank me, shake may hand and introduce themselves...........Ones name is Levett, the other is Psycho- psycho gave me his cell number and said if I need a sweet deal on a tattoo, give him a call (its saved in my phone as proof)
  • The funny thing is.... right before they took off they asked me where the nearest unemployment office is.....Believe me, with what they looked like.....they didn't need to fill out any applications.
  • and that has been the highlight of my day so far.
  • I'm hungry......LUNCH TIME!!!!

Weeks almost over...Where's my paycheck?

  • I'm already hungry this morning.
  • I now have to make semi-monthly trips to weatherford for vehicle inspections. This is where a company vehicle would be awesome.
  • The killer Flu is running rampid around the workplace.
  • I better not get it. I'd be pissed.
  • I have a massive antenna hanging 20ft over my house that needs to come down. All the guy wires are broken and i'm afraid that it will fall on my roof.
  • I need to catch up on a lot of paperwork.
  • So for some god awful reason, I can't seem to put down the controller for Resident Evil 4 on the WII. It's my heroine so to speak. I'm hooked like a fat kid on a cupcake. Go and get the damn game already. I woke up in the middle of the night with druggie twitches to I played......then died a few my fix.........and went back to bed. I'm telling you....addicted.
  • Unfortunately its time to work. Cherio!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This is Madness!....madness?....this is TUESDAY!!!

  • So one of our illustrious employees got his liscence revoked and had to park his truck. well, when I received said truck it appeared that the left side of said truck was held together by massive amounts of electrical tape. After surveying hundreds of dollars in damage to said vehicle I get an estimate together and try to begin work on said truck. Now I find out that he got his liscence back and is needed back on the job. I can't give him the truck back in its current condition. So, I gave him the best truck I had to offer, and gave him notice that if I did not get this new truck back in the same condition that I gave it to him, I would pull his spine out his ass, and bludgeon the hell out of him with it. I think I put the fear of god in the poor boy.
  • Great story though wasn't it? Just thought I'd share. Enjoy your tuesday. and remember keep your vehicle clean and maintained. Or your spine may find itself coming out of your ass. Gracias.

OOOOH....the quickness

  • So my boss just stopped me and started griping about why I knew about getting a truck inspected for a week and yet didn't get a purchase order and get the inspection done.....
  • My cunning, quick, cat-like reflexes kicked in and I hastily responded...." that crew has not been able to get the truck inspected for the last wek because you have kept them out of the yard until after 6pm, therefore all of the inspection establishments we use are closed."
  • All he said to me was....Thats good enough for me. Oooooh the quickness of me dodging the bullet!
  • The truck is finally getting inspected today.
  • I wish Tuesday provided free donuts as well.
  • I'm debating getting breakfast on my next outing, that is if the wife will approve my spending.
  • WORK TIME!!!!!!!!!!!! bye bye.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Almost home time.

  • lets get one thing straight, I'm a god fearing man, but the boat pic is just funny.
  • Thanks anObiter for the shout out. I'm glad you enjoy.
  • I tried to walk on water once.......water is slippery though.
  • I wonder if there are any donuts left in my office.
  • Close now.... freedom from the cage known as work!
  • but for now I still have to work. until next time.....good evening...infidels!!!!!!

Resident Evil 4 for Nintendo WII

  • The Donuts were good by the way.
  • So my wife bought Resident Evil 4 for our WII for like 17.00 at game stop.
  • After figuring out the controls, I have come to learn that it is one of the best games ever.....
  • I mean come on, who doesn't enjoy kick ass Zombie annihilating mayhem? huh?
  • I suggest you go and get the game.....NOW. You want to be in tune with your Zombie killing ableness when they actually show up don't you.
  • Like the poster says. The Z day is coming... Don't be a Loser, be a survivor! GO AND GET A WEAPON!!!

Monday, Another day, another dollar

  • Back to the wonderful world of work, where we are all held captive for hours on end....the good news.... A paycheck at the end of the rainbow.
  • Interesting weekend. I can't wait for warmer weather on weekends.
  • I have a lot of yard work to do.
  • You know what monday means to me? FREE DONUTS AT WORK DAY!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I broke my mini-sledgehammer this morning...... I have to barter with my wife when I need new tools.
  • It's FRIGGIN cold outside.
  • My desk at work doubles from desk to workbench instantly. right now i have my computer on one end and a broke-down generator leaking oil on the other end.
  • I like my job, There's good people here now that satan has left.
  • Toyota parts are expensive.....if your gonna buy a new car take vehicle repair into mind. Domestic cars are cheaper to fix.
  • I'm seeing a decline in my tool bill......hooray.
  • More Donuts have just arrived.......Mmmmmm Donuts! Later.