Friday, July 29, 2011

Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow---Shut the FUCK up!

  • Was out on the lake (on my boat) when a black and yellow wakeboard boat passed by me playing a rap song where all they kept saying was "black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow, you know what it is........" It got fucking annoying real quick like.

  • We were on the lake like 8 hours, thats thew only fucking song they played.

  • I got up on a wakeboard, I havent done that in like 13 years (my knees are pretty fucked up) it was epic! EPIC I tell you!

  • It was quite the accompishment.

  • I got a new droid phone. how the hell you work them things, I'm still trying to figure out how to turn my alarm on and off.

  • God damn I'm a technology dumbass.

  • I still haven't got my damn kolaches

  • Seriously, someone spell kolache correctly for me.

  • I enjoy my cookies, Get away from my damn door!

  • Fellatio Ninjas, Oh yeah, Wise county got 'em!

  • I havent dealt with one, then again, I dont sleep in public.

  • Rape Hurts.


  • No, smich? ok, back to work.

  • Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow, you know what it is...........Get that fucking song out my head!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I can Do stupid Shit with absolutely Nothing!!!! And look like I know what the Hell i'm doing!

  • I went to a few Burlesque shows. (The wife likes them) anywho, It was pretty damn entertaining. (see pics of half naked women above).

  • I asked my co-worker which one he wanted, he said he didnt have any chloroform.

  • Its true, i have a huge black dick.

  • So from what I have gathered so far, I sent a truck to the lower end of the state to do some work(brand new expensive truck) and the first thing that happens is, A god-damned forklift operator runs over my truck like he's in a fucking monster truck. Another truck bites the dust.

  • I want some kolache's for dinner

  • Seriously, how the hell do you spell "kolache" right?

  • and some girl scout cookies

  • Took my boat to the lake and had a 45 year old man try to wakeboard. He pulled some "Hulk - Smash" shit and obliterated my ski rope handle. I mean busted that bitch in half.

  • Fuck, that was my only ski rope.

  • You ever went to work completely exhausted and left work damn-near comatose like a zombie wanting to eat some poor douchebag you see walking down the street? Thats how I feel right about now. I think ill head to wal-mart for a snack.

  • Hows about them kolaches

  • Quit fucking around and tell me how to spell kolache correctly!!!!

  • So, I went on a yelling binge at work yesterday, Now nobody wants to talk to me. Not even my bosses, they send me e-mails every once in a while just making sure i'm OK. That's nice of them

  • Its friggin" hot and every one of my company vehicles decides they dont want their A/C to work anymore.

  • Its like the movie "Christine" only Gayer and my cars dont think for themselves. They're just pieces of Shit.

  • I'm hungry Cheerio!