Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Times...They are a changin'

So I hear some news...... about investors coming in and that my company's employment worries are over. I'm still skeptical but I have been told that business is moving to the paradise/Bridgeport area, and I'm getting a professional upgrade the likes I have never beared witness to. Air conditioned office, Massive shop, new shop tools, and I get to stay employed. Hells yeah, bring on the change. (NOt your change Obama....I don't like you or your change.)
Dude, That's a fucking Possum!!!!
I have come to the conclusion that Mario Kart Wii is the most cheatin' ass game you will ever play, I just can't fuckin' win at that game.........that's because it was made by the Nazis.
Do you have any Idea how hard it is to pull a transmission out from underneath a truck while it is sitting on the ground..... alone? It sucks ass.
I seriously need to clean my shop up and get it organized for the big move.....I hear its coming in a few short days.... So much for notice huh.
I guess I'm only good at killing things on the Wii. Stick to what you're good at I always say.
I think I want a Koala Bear as a pet....judging by photo #4 It looks like a cute, well domesticated animal......Hopefully it will be good around children.
Back to work.......Yea!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I don'y care what anyone says... THE ECONOMY STILL BLOWS!

Silicone alley is right, Obama isn't great and is not doing a "great Job". My company is barely afloat right now. A little help down south please.
I've got plenty of trucks to work on, but no money for parts........ I'm dying here.
It seems i'm working on getting rid of more trucks than i'm actually repairing....Does that mean i'm slowly cutting my own throat?
I gotta poo
I still want to buy resident evil 5
My minion co-worker is afraid he is the next to get laid-off. I'm doing my damndest to keep him on board.
Speaking of on board, I want a boat.
Go to diamonds in Bridgeport and buy a Sgt. Randy White T-shirt. They are only 10.00 and the money goes to his family......GET OFF YOUR ASS AND BUY A T-SHIRT... NOW. I know the economy sucks, but at least your family still has you......think about that.
Come on Obama, Get off my nuts and fix the damn economy already. People are still without jobs. Isn't that what we elected you for?
I'm beginning to worry about the future here.
But for now it's back to work...
oh yeah....gotta poo first...then work. cheerio.