Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Times...They are a changin'

So I hear some news...... about investors coming in and that my company's employment worries are over. I'm still skeptical but I have been told that business is moving to the paradise/Bridgeport area, and I'm getting a professional upgrade the likes I have never beared witness to. Air conditioned office, Massive shop, new shop tools, and I get to stay employed. Hells yeah, bring on the change. (NOt your change Obama....I don't like you or your change.)
Dude, That's a fucking Possum!!!!
I have come to the conclusion that Mario Kart Wii is the most cheatin' ass game you will ever play, I just can't fuckin' win at that game.........that's because it was made by the Nazis.
Do you have any Idea how hard it is to pull a transmission out from underneath a truck while it is sitting on the ground..... alone? It sucks ass.
I seriously need to clean my shop up and get it organized for the big move.....I hear its coming in a few short days.... So much for notice huh.
I guess I'm only good at killing things on the Wii. Stick to what you're good at I always say.
I think I want a Koala Bear as a pet....judging by photo #4 It looks like a cute, well domesticated animal......Hopefully it will be good around children.
Back to work.......Yea!!!!!!


LandShark 5150 said...

And what a fucking ugly cat at that. Must have been an Obamabot that found the damn thing. You slay me with the pictures.

The Donald said...

Those are some great posters!