Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Excessive heat and Stupid People go hand in hand don't they?

  • So, I'm thinking of taking on a personal war against all things and people that are stupid. So if you're halfway intelligent, and dont like stupidity either, please fill out and return an application for my anti-dipshit militia.......misery loves company.

  • My "dipshit" co-worker had the balls to say that i didn't need to put my sons drawings and school work up on the walls in MY office because he comes in my office in the mornings to do his paperwork, I kindly replied " I'm damn proud of my kid and if he so much as touched one of my sons things, i'd "field dress him like he was a fucking deer."

  • He didn't bring it up again.

  • This same guy wrecked his company ride twice in less than 6 months, he showed up today with a fresh dent on his rental, I asked him what he hit and he said the dent was already there.......what a dumbass. I picked the rental up for him. I know what damage it had on it. The rental company is going to be pissed.

  • Im hungry.

  • So my boat has been on the water damn near every other day this summer.

  • The problem is, I'm running out of water in the lake......fast. I'm afraid im going to hit a body in there or something.

  • Zombies love the water, dont let them fool you, I hear the feeling of fish nibbling on dead flesh is pure ecstacy!

  • I dont think candy works with rapists anymore. Maybe they should try an Ipad or something.

  • Speaking of feminists.......PETA bothers the hell out of me.

  • I'm going to south texas to begin recruiting for my militia. I'll see you down the road, send comments for your application.

  • You can, and will be a Hero G**Damnit!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's Friggin' Hot. Is it Boat Time Yet?

  • Dryers are good places to hide a bitch. If she gets testy, just turn it on for a while and she'll get all fluffy!

  • My company re-hired a guy that my new douchebag co-worker fired like 8 months ago. He was pissed when he heard the news.

  • Speaking of this Douchebag Ass-Clown, He wrecked his company Truck again, thats twice in 6 months, anywho, he hit a fucking cow. BOOM another 6,000 dollar repair bill. It was in the middle of a straight road and he hit it head on. What a Fucking retard!!!!!

  • Yea! work emergency. get back to y'all later