Thursday, August 6, 2009

Damnit man its been months

Sorry its been afew months I'll try to get back to business......

I'm working my ass off this summer, my company made its transition and has consolidated with 5 other companies....I now do all fleet maintenance for 3 of those companies...busy me.

I want to see wife won't let me....

I now eat only sherbet ice cream...Its really as health-concious as i get.

I have a dog with a pissing problem.

I saw the Movie Pathology. Its a complete Mindfuck, i mean who can do an autopsy on their own girlfriend? Shit like that does not keep you stable.

I think casey anthony needs to it done yet?

I like linkin park, The band REV THEORY is awesome too.

Far from over is a great song. It gets you motivated for revenge. only problem is I have no one to seek revenge upon..........I need an arch enemy...a Nemesis if you will....someone will will get me down, just so I can rise up and beat their ass into oblivion...I think that would be a terrific self esteem booster.

The Zombies around these here parts have been rather silent over the last few months. I guess even Zombies are afraid of Sunburns in this heat.

Cooler days are coming, the zombies will lurk again...I assure you. Get fresh ammo for your Zombie Defense Kits.

Load up children and remember....ZOMBIE DEFENSE...YES! YOU ARE A FUCKING HERO!!!!

Cheerio.....I'm back..Hooray!!!

Linkin Park Kicks Ass