Tuesday, March 3, 2009

OOOOH....the quickness

  • So my boss just stopped me and started griping about why I knew about getting a truck inspected for a week and yet didn't get a purchase order and get the inspection done.....
  • My cunning, quick, cat-like reflexes kicked in and I hastily responded...." that crew has not been able to get the truck inspected for the last wek because you have kept them out of the yard until after 6pm, therefore all of the inspection establishments we use are closed."
  • All he said to me was....Thats good enough for me. Oooooh the quickness of me dodging the bullet!
  • The truck is finally getting inspected today.
  • I wish Tuesday provided free donuts as well.
  • I'm debating getting breakfast on my next outing, that is if the wife will approve my spending.
  • WORK TIME!!!!!!!!!!!! bye bye.

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