Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This is Madness!....madness?....this is TUESDAY!!!

  • So one of our illustrious employees got his liscence revoked and had to park his truck. well, when I received said truck it appeared that the left side of said truck was held together by massive amounts of electrical tape. After surveying hundreds of dollars in damage to said vehicle I get an estimate together and try to begin work on said truck. Now I find out that he got his liscence back and is needed back on the job. I can't give him the truck back in its current condition. So, I gave him the best truck I had to offer, and gave him notice that if I did not get this new truck back in the same condition that I gave it to him, I would pull his spine out his ass, and bludgeon the hell out of him with it. I think I put the fear of god in the poor boy.
  • Great story though wasn't it? Just thought I'd share. Enjoy your tuesday. and remember keep your vehicle clean and maintained. Or your spine may find itself coming out of your ass. Gracias.

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