Thursday, March 5, 2009

It would piss me off, getting Raped and Murdered for helping people

  • SO, these 2 guys blow a tire right in front of my "establishment for conducting business." Anywho I find one of the rummaging around in the yard. So he finally finds me and asks if he could use a Jack to remove said blown tire. Now he was about one of the shadiest, creepy people i've seen in a good long while, but I said that I could help. So, I get a bottle jack and my cordless impact gun and proceed with said creepy man to his truck.
  • I arrive at the truck and to my suprise (and possible demise) another man comes out of the vehicle.
  • They stand over me as I remove said blown tire from the vehicle. I keep looking over my shoulder to see if either one of them pulls out a gun or knife. I don't feel like getting shanked today.
  • Anywho they take the rim and a friend picks them up and escorts them into town to get a new tire.
  • When they return I go out there and re-install their new tire. They thank me, shake may hand and introduce themselves...........Ones name is Levett, the other is Psycho- psycho gave me his cell number and said if I need a sweet deal on a tattoo, give him a call (its saved in my phone as proof)
  • The funny thing is.... right before they took off they asked me where the nearest unemployment office is.....Believe me, with what they looked like.....they didn't need to fill out any applications.
  • and that has been the highlight of my day so far.
  • I'm hungry......LUNCH TIME!!!!

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