Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A great weekend to a miserable end of week

This last weekend was great, you know, with nice warm sunny weather.......What the HELL happened?!

Its a terrible morning, the rain just sucks, and the cold isn't any better.

I have a damn cold! the sinus drainage is killing me.

I'm working on me another toyota today.

I'm killing zombie priests on resident evil 4 now, out of the evil village and into a damn castle. still addicted..............more zombie killing posts to follow......

One of my co-workers got rear-ended at like 75 mph monday evening on 199 at the salt creek store...... he got cited for not having a drivers liscence. The dumb-ass that hit him, witnesses say: did not even touch his brakes. The driver of the other vehicle was an illegal immigrant with a mexico I.D. no insurance either. The trooper I hear was hispanic as well, and just let the illegal driver go with a few tickets. Why was he not detained and deported? I'm sorry but in our current fianancial crisis, american citizens need any job that they can get. If these immigrants cant drive or keep insurance like the rest of us, they don't need to be driving on our streets without punishment. But thats just my opinion. comment me and let me know what you think.

time to work.......later.

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