Monday, March 16, 2009

This is f***ed up, I gotta be at work in 4 hours

So, I get a phone call at 12:15 ths morning, yes, 2 hours ago. I have a Roustabout crew on the way to Pennsylvania, well thay stop at a hole in the wall gas station to fill up. Unfortunately for all parties involved, they fill a DIESEL truck up with 70% ethanol gasoline.... hooray for me.
So I have it arranged for them to get towed to the nearest diesel station, Have them drain the fuel tank, put diesel in said tank, and prime the Chevy Diesel to start..... This is going to be a long damn night. Oh, did I mention that I am in Bridgeport Texas, and they are somewhere close to the Illinois/Indiana border? Yea, Sucks for me, sucks worse for them........ I'll post later and let you know how the saga ends.

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