Friday, February 27, 2009

5-0 rumor mill

  • So, word on the street and in the rumor mill is that there was a police pursuit (vehicular) recently. The interesting part is that the wise county precinct 1 constable (I think its tom bishop, but not for certain) got involved in the pursuit. Anywho, the suspect wrecked the car and proceeded to run (on foot) and was eventually caught by guess who..... thats right, the constable. As it comes to find out the suspect was a 30 something year old guy. But here is the questionable part: The constable released the 30 something year old to his parents and told the parents that he wouldn't press charges if the parents got the suspect help.
  • I'm no police officer, but if a 30 something year old ran from me then wrecked on someones property, then fled on foot......I would arrest his ass. It seems to me that the constable is wanting to play cop......In my opinion, if you don't know what the hell you're doing, don't act like you do. It's OK to wing it on somethings, but policework isn't one of them. The suspect is a full-blown legal adult. Why are you releasing him to his parents? The dumb-ass is not in high school. It seems as if though a wrong choice was made in our recent county election. but thats just me talking..........

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