Monday, February 2, 2009

Mondays Blow

  • In case you were wondering, I believe the clown is the father.
  • I'm really beginning to hate toyotas. You get one fixed and you think you're on top of the world, then 3 more break down. It's like washing a new car, then you get 10 feet from the car wash and, POW! bird shit.
  • I'm playing salvage company/chop shop today.
  • The super bowl kicked ass last night. GO Steelers!
  • On a side note: If I roughed up another person like pittsburg #92 did to the Cardinal in the 4th, I'd go to jail for felonious assault. Anywho, Whoop his ass #92, It's yo house!
  • My kids got me hooked on "super smash Bros" for the nintendo WII. I get wierd urges to just keep playing. Damn, I'm becoming a Loon.
  • My wife growled at me yesterday... I ran in fear for my life.
  • I think my job title may soon change.
  • Have you ever noticed how Night shift walmart employees wander around the store with stikingly similar characteristics of your typical modern-day Zombie?..... Picture to follow on next posting.
  • I hate Zombies.
  • I want donuts.
  • Time to go back to work.......Cherio>


The Accomplice said...

Your bag of randomness kicks ass.

Unattainable said...

Your idea of who the Father is just wrong Mr.... as for running from your wife, wise man. Those Steelers almost didn't kick Arizona's arse. Just shy of 2 minutes on the clock!