Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm Back and the Bitch has left the Building

  • Sorry I know its been a while, but time flies when you're destroying a Stupid Bitch.

  • Did I mention that I finally got Her to Quit. Where's my Hero's parade?

  • Now begins the long process of fixing her long list of screw-ups.

  • I'd C***-Punt that bitch to the moon if I could.

  • Cherry Sours are the best candy known to man...no bullshit.

  • You should check out Anberlin's song "the Feel Good Drag" it kicks ass. I'll try to post the video (if there is one)

  • One of my co-workers is thinking of buying a house on my street. We can do Barbeques and stuff.

  • Work related paperwork blows.

  • So I saw that Ambulance in the Bridgeport cemetery a few weeks ago. Come on guys, as far as the residents of a cemetery are concerned, its a little too late for you to help them. If they are out of their holes in the dirt and walking around, the only medicine is a Shotgun blast to the head. Then politely kick them back in their respective hole.... I SAID POLITELY!!!

  • The world is a brighter place without that bitch around.

  • I remember filing my taxes right out of high school and getting a $4.00 return. Now i think "damn, it cost more than $4.00 to print and mail the stupid check." Our government worries me at times.

  • I'm Hungry

  • I'm going back to work....

    • And now a word from Cobra Commander........CHERIO!


    LandShark 5150 said...

    Congrats on the 'departure'!
    Cherry-sours have been my fav for -- let us just say years.
    I once had to pay in $63 wrote a check that BOUNCED, cost me $119.I will never fuck-up like that again.

    Anonymous said...

    Cool pictures! Just wondering where you get those? :D