Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Where the HELL have I been, I missed my introduction!

Damn, I know its been a while but between work and House life, I'm about spent.
Lots of changes at work, lots of people coming, lots of people going......Of course, the douchebags went first.....(stupid bitch..y'all know who I'm talking about.)
I beat the resident evil 4 game, but my zombie killing itch has not been tamed.... I've had thoughts of going to the nearest cemetery and digging someone up just to shoot them while screaming... " fucking zombie bitch.. thought you'd get one over on me huh?"
It's all good though, resident evil 5 just came out.... the only down side... it's not on the nintendo Wii. It's just not the same when you can't move your hands, and actually point at the target to shoot, or actually slash the zombie with your Wii remote like its really a knife.... It's kinda depressing when you think about it.
Thanks for the Concern Landshark.... I don't know what the hell happened but I'm still having those eerie feelings that something bad is coming... but nothing yet...I guess we'll see eventually what it means. But, I do appreciate the con cern....But, Nope, I'm not dead.
Some oilfield companies are to the point of shutting the doors now, and I'll admit we are a little slow here, but the Fleet department has not been busier. Company vehicles getting turned in when people leave, getting fixed up and then re-issued. It makes for a lot of work.
I'm working on something kinda big right now.... really big... let's just say more peas in the pod later on....we'll see how that goes....I let y'all know my progress with that later.
Some drunk bastard tryed to side swipe me on the highway this morning. I calmly cussed him out through my window and flipped him off... he did not look to happy with that. He followed me to work. I got out when I pulled in the driveway and awaited his arrival. When he got there he saw me waiting and just kept going..............Pussy.
Nothing racist here but It seems that the only drunks I find on the roads in broad daylight are hispanic....whats up with that?
Well, thats all for now... I'll post later, I need to scan for new material... but in case you haven't noticed... I'm baaaaaaacck!!! Cherio!

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