Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Somber Tuesday.......

Funeral for Sgt. Randy White is at 11 am first Baptist Church Decatur tx. Burial to follow in Weatherford at memory gardens.
Visitation last night was an awe-inspiring sight to say the least. The family was escorted to the funeral home by multiple police agencies. The city of Bridgeport had new Town colors Last night, Not maroon....but RED and BLUE. You can see how greatly he will be missed just by the visitation turned out. GOd bless Sgt White. He's now going 10-41 on his new assignment: Walking the beat in the crime-free wonder of heaven...... A place that is truly deserving of his caliber.
Thank you for all of your service to the citizens of Bridgeport. Your tour of duty in this life has ended, but for the ones you left behind.... we'll continue to fight the good fight in your honor. Godspeed Sgt. White forever #804.
If any of you see a law enforcement officer or medic/EMT, or firefighter running down the streets with lights and sirens...take a moment and say a little prayer for them. You all know what they do...They are the first line of defense keeping you safe. They put themselves in harms way everyday so that you are able to carry out your daily lives worry-free, and at times make the ultimate sacrifice.....Thank them for the job that they do, and thank God that our lord has blessed us with people willing to answer our cries for help, so that they may keep us safe.
Thank you to all emergency personnel, we are endebted to you and cannot thank you enough.
God bless you all...............
And just so you know...
York is in Wise Co. Jail on Captial murder charges, That piece of Garbage just needs to die.
Sgt Randy white you will never be forgotten.......Rest in Peace.

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