Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hooray Thursday!!

  • After 2 Icy days of slowness, I'm back to full swing at the workplace, How about you?
  • I'm so far behind on paperwork, I need another minion to do my evil bidding or me just so I can catch up.
  • Have you ever had that feeling that someone is trying to ruin your professional life? I have one Hounding me Hardcore. She is like one of those pesky ducks you see above, trying to rape my ass down.
  • Stupid bitch has tried, but keeps screwing up. The more she fails, the prettier I look. If you want to get rid of me, you had better try a lot harder than that. Bitch.
  • I never did get those taquitos.
  • It's friggin cold outside, and I have to work out in it.
  • I have a junky diesel heater warming my shop. Its been 4 hours and the inside temp is only 28 degrees. This Blows.
  • Chicken strips sound good for lunch right about now.
  • I can eat anyone under the table but won't gain an ounce, wierd.
  • I think i'm too scrawny, the wife thinks otherwise.
  • My co-worker just had a baby girl. I got a cigar!!!!! (no not a bubblegum one)
  • My tool fianance bill is 4 figures isn't that sick? Hey, it makes the paycheck though.
  • I'm spent. I'm going back to work.

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The Accomplice said...

Go back to work minion.