Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Demotivation...Cheaper than a Dimebag, and more satisfying.

Stupid people bother me.
From Icy sheet of Death, to Tanning weather in 12 hours. Texas weather is rather annoying.
I never could hold down a Braums cheeseburger for more than 1 hour.
The cost of a car battery is outrageous!
I Love my Wife.
My boss said to me today that "Everyone has a story." I want you to stop and think a minute..... If you have a story, Is yours worth Publishing? At times I think my Story isn't really a story, but more of a Picture book.
I want some Taquitos..... Now.
Tax time is coming, Get your Hyperventilation bags ready!
I love My kids.
Rock music, (if you just listen to the music, not the words) gets you motivated to go do something. Country Music makes you depressed and then lets self-harmful thoughts creep into your head. Damn that country Music.
when my kids want to walk down the street, I have them walk around the nearby cemetery instead. It seems to be the safest place for my kids to walk without getting hit by a damned Loon.
Thats ALL, i'll post later when something else wanders in my head.
So..... How about them Taquitos!


Unattainable said...

You say taquitos like they're a bad thing! lol...

Unattainable said...

wait.... I'm not the retard right LMAO...