Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday! About Damn Time

  • My boss is out of town, and I seem to be doing a good job of taking care of the business.
  • The hounding Bitch is fed up with me, She won't talk to me anymore. Thats not very nice of her.
  • Driving down Hale street in decatur I saw a funeral home van at a house, the funeral people were carrying a body out of the house at the time i passed by. Thats not the creepy part though, 3 blocks away at the exact same time, another funeral home was at another house collecting another body. I was creepified, is this "The Happening?" or just a bad omen for me. I'm scared, somebody hold me.....
  • I've been busting my ass to get all my work affairs in order, after 10 hours I believe i'm on top of it.
  • "Let It Rock" by Kevin Rudolf kicks ass.
  • I have a Voodoo coyote skull on my Desk. I say it wards off Evil people so they stay away from my desk. It really works against Hounding Hardcore bitches.
  • Arby's sounds good.
  • The movie "300" is a good wholesome family oriented movie, 5 stars by me.
  • THIS IS MADNESS!!!!!!!!!! and to LANDSHARK.........WHOOOOOOO!!
  • Is it Happy Hour yet?
  • I was told by a co-worker that told me that the brakes on his truck didn't work on ice........ "well no shit, sherlock. I'm no genious but I don't think ANY brakes work on ice.
  • By the way, Sherlock Holmes Died in Plano yesterday. Yep sherlock holmes.
  • I'm juiced, home time.

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LandShark 5150 said...

YOU ME FINE MAN have got some great pics. If a bitch at work won't talk to you it's a good. It only means you're not on the bitch's radar. Thats easy for me to say--I don't work around any and the ones I have, found out early -- I am an ARSHOLE.I enjoy your post --GOOD LUCK!