Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Work Stays the same. Feels Like Rape.....it's a Pain...for proft!

Work Sucks...........I swear i'm going to start running a brothel or sumptin'

I'm Hungry.


  • School is back in session, that's right parents: Scary rapists are on the prowl. We all know where rapists strike with kids, the jogging trail, so if you don't want to be raped. Knock off the cardio. I've said it before, running kills! Or at least gets you Raped.

  • Speaking of running, I run around town at night to burn off energy, does that make me a target?

  • So, they tried making me sign a policy to use my personal truck at work, My truck+ their rules didnt fair so well with me, I ain't signing a damn thing, get me a company truck already, its only been 4 years damn!

  • The local lake level is starting to worry me as to whether or not i should put my boat back in the water, I might hit a tree, rock, corpse, or zombie or somthing. Thank God for warranty.

  • So I caught a glimpse of a show called "infested" on TV. This specific episode was over bedbugs. I'm now going to examine every aspect of my home, with a goddamned blacklight like a methed out CSI guy. F**king bugs.

  • Who is up for a good Ol' Fashioned field trip to the Pleasure Hut? I am I am!!!!!

  • Speaking of company vehicles, I Commandeered (stole) my bosses truck. I'm sure he wont mind.........Maybe.

  • Ive been listening to Shinedown a lot. Diamond Eyes, and Call Me are their best songs

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