Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Almost a year? God I suck at this.

  • Its Been One Hell of A Year For Me.
  • March 1, 2012.     I'm pretty sure I died for a short while. (see truck pictures above)
  • A semi tractor missed his turn, swung out into the other lane, and cut in front of me.
  • Unfortunately i was driving 70 MPH and couldnt stop.
  • I got 3 broken ribs, and 7 of 9 lives lost.
  • I don't know how i survived.
  • He got his hand thrown through his own window and broke his hand in 6 places.
  • He was hurt worse than me.
  • I got a new boss at work who is a complete fucking toolbox.
  • or Douchebag. Whichever you prefer.
  • I honestly think that no employee at my work likes him.......at all.
  • I'm a certified scuba diver now!!!!
  • Still Lovin' some kolaches!
  • Been drinking quite a bit of DOS EQUIS beer.  I swear i'm going to turn mexican.
  • Hell yes it's almost boat season.
  • Oh, trust me  there will be more fun pics and talk to come.   but for now, my new boss is breathing up my ass about getting work done.
  • I could've used Chuck Norris's Legal counsel.  I bet he'd whoop some ass for me in that wreck suit.
HOORAY!!! I'm still alive!!!   Cheerio!!!

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