Friday, December 31, 2010

So, while ive been out the last year.....

  • I got a boat back in may, its bad ass! trying to get it to plane down is a bitch, what do i need to do, change the pitch on the prop, or get a damn hydrofoil? anyone smarter than me on this?

  • if you wore a shrt like that in wise county, you'd be the one getting "homicide'd".

  • speaking of rape, cookis anyone? Nothing says rape like cookies.

  • the wife hates the music i listen to, but in my opinion, she listens to the weirdest shit.

  • i fear zombies are beginning to like the cold, and the cemetery here is getting stocked with fresh occupants, its coming i tell the way i want this stoller.

  • I think justin bieber is a girl.

  • toyota tundras are kick ass rides.

  • gotta go happy new year!

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